Thursday, August 29, 2013

Purina "Assault" for rats and mice Update

Hi there, it is day 2 of my research and already I just received a phone call from Earth City Resources with information in my state of Nevada on where to possibly purchase the Purina "Assault" brand mouse and rat product. What great customer service!!!!!

Green's Feed Inc in Reno, Nevada is a wonderful website with so much information on chickens, horses, tack and feed with YouTube Videos as well and a Blog, it is for a sure a place to check out even if you don't have the larger animals. They feature the Purina brands. You can find them on Facebook here.

I spoke to Scott, the manager, and another lady who were so very professional and helpful I just had to pass this along.

I am awaiting a call back on a bucket size price and will update when I get it.

My take on this product availability is to contact Earth City Resources, since I believe they are the production plant and sales info for any specific state.

Just passing along information, have a great day!

PS my product ordered Just One Bite is now awaiting pick up by me today! One day earlier than expected! Yeah!



Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just One Bite and other mice and rat Issues

Hi, I've been researching rats and mice all morning because of a problem I have now since I have started container gardening of veggies and herbs. I am not going to continue! They win! At least I think this is why I now have critters! Here are my "own" findings.  You must make your own decision on what type of product to utilize for you and your family and animals, I am sharing my research here.

My current bug company has left me with two traps, but oh my goodness, I can't touch them when there is something in them! I have to call my friends hubby to come and get it!!!!! Peanut butter got the first family of these critters!!! Now they just poo poo it and run along side! I've seen with my own eyes!!!

This is another good t rex trap, Trapper T-Rex, a little like the ones I am using at present. Here is a good source, Do My Own Pest with a video on use.

I found this product above, Just One Bite, from the Home Depot, and Lowe's, with rave reviews, and this will be the one I will purchase and review later after a week or two for you. The critter eats this stuff and then leaves.

However, it took a while to get here. A lot of research this mornin. I am really not a fan of traps nor sticky tape, that is inhumane, mouse or not.

After searching various Garden Forums, contacting companies, many long distance phone calls, leaving messages, researching tack and feed, stable and horse forums, and when I think I find the perfect product, by Purina, called "Assault", I found that it was no longer available. People utilized in stables and farms because it worked. It contains Bromethalin and you must be very careful using this product around children and animals.

So I urge you to do your own research before you make your decision to use anything that contains this and many other rat poisons.

Tack and Feed stores down south and back East carry a similar product but not this specific one. There is a company I found, Earth City Resources,  that I was told carried it. Also PM Resources was another contact distributor.

I ordered Just One Bite today and found it available from my local Tru Value store. It will arrive Friday and you know I will be planting it around the shed and garden area

A young man in Arizona informed me about this and that his store utilized to get rid of a large population of rats and mice, and that it really worked.

So far, and this is the gross part, I have caught two large rats and three smaller ones.I cannot stand mice snakes or rats for that matter because of the disease they bring.  I am close to a large land reserve so I kind of expected some kind of critter really but not the big rats that I caught.

Anyway, I will do a post on the effect of this.  Just to let you know I did try and find a more natural kind of poison, and I can also use the essential oil or plant of peppermint and scatter the leaves around, I know mice do not like that smell. If you use the oil, put it on a cotton ball and place in places you think they might enter.

I will tell you that many years ago I had success using  the Tomcat brand.  The Bug company I used when I lived in the Las Vegas area used this brand with the bait container.  You place the black bait box in the corners of your rooms, because mice run the baseboards and go in, eat and then leave, take back to the next and to find water. So that is another option for the inside of your home.

So, wish me luck and if you have had luck, please please, leave me a comment! I am allergic to cats, so that is not an option for me at this time.

Any inputs will be much appreciated.  In the meantime, when it cools off, I will be cutting down my tomato crop and moving all the plants I can in my backyard to a permanent in ground place in the front yard as soon as possible!

One note here, and I am adding this because I am a courteous and nice neighbor.  I contacted my neighbor behind me just to let him know I was having difficulty, and since I was catching them up high on a plant shelf by his connecting wall, I thought maybe he might have a problem as well and not know it. Maybe they were just there and my veggies didn't bring them.  I didn't have a clue.

This was the response, in the form of a note stuck to my door.  "I have had Terminex for the last 7 years, neither they or myself have ever seen a mouse or rat, thanks"

So, so much for sharing info with neighbors. I am no longer concerned for him.  Kinda sounds like, regarding children, Not My Kid! Not My Yard! No Not Me! lol

Anyway, hope you all have a good one! I can't wait until Friday to pick up the stuff! I will do another post at that time.



Thursday, March 21, 2013

saving money at the market, Von's Safeway

Hi, my sister is so very busy everyday! And like most of us, once in a while we could probably use some help shopping for our groceries huh! We may have found some help for you!

We both highly recommend getting a Von's Card, signing  up for  Von's Delivery, and urge signing up for the emails from this lovely store, Von's Just for U, if you frequent Von's/Safeway markets.

We both tried and utilized these features and are very pleased, however, you must "work" the system, keep up to date on adding products to your Von's Card when you get the emails.

I have found their produce, specifically in the organic area, to be just lovely, just wish there were more choices, hopefully someday. Also their Organic Olive Oils and canned goods are nice!

Check them out, first time delivery my sister was so happy! Free this and that, she raved! Very nice delivery people that will deliver your goods cold, clean, and "drop" them on your counter! There is no tipping allowed! What more could a busy woman ask for! Really!

When you go online for delivery, you should first check the "promotions" to ensure your best type of delivery, free, and what else you get.  The first time I ordered I received free delivery, free 24-each bottled water and free 8 rolls of paper towels, and $6.00 off total purchase, wow!

Saving money is paramount for both of us, and when you online shop the store, you have the luxury of a "running total" for your cart! That way you have no impulse buying, lol, and can maybe stick to your "list" better! I found that to be true, plus we discussed we could "adjust" the "cart" if our cost went over our budget for that week. Very helpful. So we laugh when we call each other and say wow my cart was way over!  You also can log out, your cart will be there when you come back! Very user friendly.

All in all we were very happy and satisfied! Sis did first, I followed. While I may not require this monthly, it does save a ton of time! Like Sis said, load up the car, go to the market, shop, unload on the conveyor belt, load the car, unload the car, put away and on and on and on, see what we mean? If you have the chance, check out the Von's Safeway Stores in your local areas.

happy shopping, Kat